MYHockey Philadelphia Pre-Season Challenge


To find your game, type your year or team into the Search Box, then click on any column header to sort. (example: “rangers”). If a game from your schedule is not listed, then it is being held at a non-LiveBarn venue.

This schedule is for BROADCAST PURPOSES ONLY and is subject to change.  Please refer to the tournament schedule to plan for player and parent arrival and travel.

Friday06-Oct08:00 amIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee BWissahickon WarriorsNorwalk RoughRiders White
Friday06-Oct08:10 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee BPrinceton TigersNew York City Skyliners
Friday06-Oct08:20 amOaks - Rink 3Squirt BMontclair BluesCentral Park Hawks
Friday06-Oct08:30 amOaks - Rink 1Squirt BNew Jersey DevilsNew York City Skyliners
Friday06-Oct09:20 amIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A2Central Park HawksPrinceton Tigers
Friday06-Oct09:30 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee BNorwalk RoughRiders BlackCentral Park Hawks
Friday06-Oct09:30 amOaks - Rink 2Bantam BPhiladelphia BlazersMontclair Blues
Friday06-Oct09:40 amOaks - Rink 3Squirt BRed Bank GeneralsNorwalk RoughRiders
Friday06-Oct09:50 amOaks - Rink 1Squirt BJersey Shore WildcatsPAL Silver Knights
Friday06-Oct10:40 amIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A2Norwalk RoughRidersPotomac Patriots
Friday06-Oct10:50 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A2New Jersey ColonialsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Friday06-Oct10:50 amOaks - Rink 2Bantam BNorthern VA Ice DogsNew York City Skyliners
Friday06-Oct11:00 amOaks - Rink 3Squirt AWest Chester QuakersRed Bank Generals
Friday06-Oct11:10 amOaks - Rink 1Bantam A2Lehigh Valley PhantomsPelham Penguins
Friday06-Oct12:00 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A1New Jersey DevilsValley Forge Colonials
Friday06-Oct12:10 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam A1Northern VA Ice DogsPrinceton Tigers
Friday06-Oct12:10 pmOaks - Rink 2Bantam BPiedmont PredatorsRamapo Saints
Friday06-Oct12:20 pmOaks - Rink 3Squirt AHaverford HawksPrinceton Tigers
Friday06-Oct12:30 pmOaks - Rink 1Bantam A2Montclair BluesNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Friday06-Oct01:20 pmIce Line - Rink 1Squirt BCentral Park HawksNew Jersey Rockets
Friday06-Oct01:30 pmIce Line - Rink 2Squirt BNew York City SkylinersMontclair Blues
Friday06-Oct01:30 pmOaks - Rink 2Pee Wee A1Warwick WildcatsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Friday06-Oct01:40 pmOaks - Rink 3Pee Wee A1Pittsburgh PredatorsNew Jersey Devils
Friday06-Oct01:50 pmOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee BNorwalk RoughRiders WhitePrinceton Tigers
Friday06-Oct02:40 pmIce Line - Rink 1Squirt BNorwalk RoughRidersNew Jersey Devils
Friday06-Oct02:40 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget Minor ANorthern VA Ice DogsWest Chester Quakers
Friday06-Oct02:50 pmIce Line - Rink 2Squirt BPAL Silver KnightsRed Bank Generals
Friday06-Oct03:00 pmOaks - Rink 3Pee Wee A1Reston RaidersDelco Phantoms
Friday06-Oct03:10 pmOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee BCentral Park HawksWissahickon Warriors
Friday06-Oct04:00 pmIce Line - Rink 1Squirt AMontclair BluesWest Chester Quakers
Friday06-Oct04:10 pmIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A2Princeton TigersNorwalk RoughRiders
Friday06-Oct04:10 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget Minor AMontgomery Blue DevilsYork Devils
Friday06-Oct04:20 pmOaks - Rink 3Pee Wee A1Long Island GullsHaverford Hawks
Friday06-Oct04:30 pmOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee BNew York City SkylinersNorwalk RoughRiders Black
Friday06-Oct05:20 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam BRamapo SaintsPhiladelphia Blazers
Friday06-Oct05:30 pmIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A2Northern VA Ice DogsCentral Park Hawks
Friday06-Oct05:30 pmOaks - Rink 2Bantam BMontclair BluesNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Friday06-Oct05:40 pmOaks - Rink 3Bantam BNew York City SkylinersPiedmont Predators
Friday06-Oct06:00 pmOaks - Rink 1Squirt AADelco PhantomsJersey Colts
Friday06-Oct06:40 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A1Valley Forge ColonialsRichmond Generals
Friday06-Oct06:50 pmIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A2Potomac PatriotsNew Jersey Colonials
Friday06-Oct06:50 pmOaks - Rink 2Squirt BNew Jersey RocketsJersey Shore Wildcats
Friday06-Oct07:00 pmOaks - Rink 3Squirt AANew Jersey FreezeExton Kings
Friday06-Oct08:00 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A1Princeton TigersNew Jersey Devils
Friday06-Oct08:10 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam AACarolina StarsNew Jersey Colonials
Friday06-Oct08:10 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget MajorRichmond GeneralsNew Jersey Colonials
Friday06-Oct08:20 pmOaks - Rink 3Bantam A2Long Island EdgeHarford North Stars
Friday06-Oct09:20 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A2Pelham PenguinsMontclair Blues
Friday06-Oct09:30 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam AANew Jersey FreezeNorth Jersey Avalanche
Friday06-Oct09:40 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget MajorColumbia CyclonesToronto Royals
Friday06-Oct09:40 pmOaks - Rink 3Midget Minor ARichmond GeneralsWest Chester Quakers
Friday06-Oct09:45 pmOaks - Rink 1Midget Minor AYork DevilsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Saturday07-Oct07:00 amIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A1Northern VA Ice DogsDelco Phantoms
Saturday07-Oct07:00 amOaks - Rink 1Squirt AHaverford HawksRed Bank Generals
Saturday07-Oct07:00 amOaks - Rink 3Squirt BNew Jersey DevilsPAL Silver Knights
Saturday07-Oct07:10 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A1Warwick WildcatsLong Island Gulls
Saturday07-Oct07:10 amOaks - Rink 2Squirt APrinceton TigersMontclair Blues
Saturday07-Oct08:20 amIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A1Haverford HawksPittsburgh Predators
Saturday07-Oct08:20 amOaks - Rink 1Squirt BNew Jersey RocketsNorwalk RoughRiders
Saturday07-Oct08:20 amOaks - Rink 3Bantam A2Lehigh Valley PhantomsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Saturday07-Oct08:30 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A1New Jersey DevilsReston Raiders
Saturday07-Oct08:30 amOaks - Rink 2Squirt AAExton KingsDelco Phantoms
Saturday07-Oct09:40 amIce Line - Rink 1Bantam AANew Jersey ColonialsNew Jersey Freeze
Saturday07-Oct09:40 amOaks - Rink 1Squirt BMontclair BluesRed Bank Generals
Saturday07-Oct09:40 amOaks - Rink 3Bantam A2Long Island EdgeMontclair Blues
Saturday07-Oct09:50 amIce Line - Rink 2Bantam BPiedmont PredatorsMontclair Blues
Saturday07-Oct09:50 amOaks - Rink 2Squirt AANew Jersey FreezeJersey Colts
Saturday07-Oct11:00 amIce Line - Rink 1Bantam AACarolina StarsNorth Jersey Avalanche
Saturday07-Oct11:00 amOaks - Rink 1Squirt BNew York City SkylinersJersey Shore Wildcats
Saturday07-Oct11:00 amOaks - Rink 3Bantam A2Pelham PenguinsHarford North Stars
Saturday07-Oct11:10 amIce Line - Rink 2Bantam BPhiladelphia BlazersNew York City Skyliners
Saturday07-Oct11:10 amOaks - Rink 2Pee Wee BNorwalk RoughRiders WhiteCentral Park Hawks
Saturday07-Oct12:20 pmIce Line - Rink 1Squirt ARed Bank GeneralsMontclair Blues
Saturday07-Oct12:20 pmOaks - Rink 1Squirt BCentral Park HawksNew Jersey Devils
Saturday07-Oct12:20 pmOaks - Rink 3Squirt AWest Chester QuakersHaverford Hawks
Saturday07-Oct12:30 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam BNorthern VA Ice DogsRamapo Saints
Saturday07-Oct12:30 pmOaks - Rink 2Pee Wee BWissahickon WarriorsNew York City Skyliners
Saturday07-Oct01:40 pmIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A2Northern VA Ice DogsPrinceton Tigers
Saturday07-Oct01:40 pmOaks - Rink 1Midget Minor AMontgomery Blue DevilsRichmond Generals
Saturday07-Oct01:40 pmOaks - Rink 3Midget MajorNew Jersey ColonialsColumbia Cyclones
Saturday07-Oct01:50 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam A1Richmond GeneralsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Saturday07-Oct01:50 pmOaks - Rink 2Pee Wee BNorwalk RoughRiders BlackPrinceton Tigers
Saturday07-Oct03:00 pmIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A2New Jersey ColonialsNorwalk RoughRiders
Saturday07-Oct03:00 pmOaks - Rink 3Squirt AADelco PhantomsNew Jersey Freeze
Saturday07-Oct03:05 pmOaks - Rink 1Midget Minor AWest Chester QuakersYork Devils
Saturday07-Oct03:10 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam A1Valley Forge ColonialsPrinceton Tigers
Saturday07-Oct03:10 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget MajorRichmond GeneralsToronto Royals
Saturday07-Oct04:20 pmIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A2Central Park HawksPotomac Patriots
Saturday07-Oct04:30 pmIce Line - Rink 2Squirt BPAL Silver KnightsNew Jersey Rockets
Saturday07-Oct04:30 pmOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee A1Pittsburgh PredatorsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Saturday07-Oct04:30 pmOaks - Rink 3Squirt AAJersey ColtsExton Kings
Saturday07-Oct04:40 pmOaks - Rink 2Pee Wee A1Delco PhantomsLong Island Gulls
Saturday07-Oct05:40 pmIce Line - Rink 1Squirt APrinceton TigersWest Chester Quakers
Saturday07-Oct05:50 pmIce Line - Rink 2Squirt BJersey Shore WildcatsCentral Park Hawks
Saturday07-Oct05:50 pmOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee A1Reston RaidersWarwick Wildcats
Saturday07-Oct05:50 pmOaks - Rink 3Bantam B1st Place4th PlaceSemi-Final
Saturday07-Oct06:00 pmOaks - Rink 2Pee Wee A1Haverford HawksNew Jersey Devils
Saturday07-Oct07:00 pmIce Line - Rink 1Squirt BRed Bank GeneralsNew York City Skyliners
Saturday07-Oct07:10 pmIce Line - Rink 2Squirt BNorwalk RoughRidersMontclair Blues
Saturday07-Oct07:10 pmOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee B5th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Saturday07-Oct07:10 pmOaks - Rink 3Bantam B2nd Place3rd PlaceSemi-Final
Saturday07-Oct07:20 pmOaks - Rink 2Bantam B5th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Saturday07-Oct08:20 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A1New Jersey DevilsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Saturday07-Oct08:30 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam A2Northern VA Ice DogsLong Island Edge
Saturday07-Oct08:30 pmOaks - Rink 1Midget MajorColumbia CyclonesRichmond Generals
Saturday07-Oct08:30 pmOaks - Rink 3Bantam AANew Jersey FreezeCarolina Stars
Saturday07-Oct08:40 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget Minor ANorthern VA Ice DogsMontgomery Blue Devils
Saturday07-Oct09:40 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A1Princeton TigersRichmond Generals
Saturday07-Oct09:50 pmIce Line - Rink 2Bantam A2Harford North StarsLehigh Valley Phantoms
Saturday07-Oct09:50 pmOaks - Rink 3Bantam AANorth Jersey AvalancheNew Jersey Colonials
Saturday07-Oct10:00 pmOaks - Rink 1Midget MajorToronto RoyalsNew Jersey Colonials
Saturday07-Oct10:10 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget Minor AYork DevilsRichmond Generals
Sunday08-Oct07:00 amIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A21st Place4th PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct07:00 amOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee B1st Place4th PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct07:00 amOaks - Rink 2Pee Wee B2nd Place3rd PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct07:10 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A22nd Place3rd PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct07:30 amOaks - Rink 3Squirt AA3rd Place4th PlaceConsolation
Sunday08-Oct08:20 amIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee A11st Place4th PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct08:20 amOaks - Rink 1Squirt AMontclair BluesHaverford Hawks
Sunday08-Oct08:20 amOaks - Rink 2Squirt ARed Bank GeneralsPrinceton Tigers
Sunday08-Oct08:30 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A12nd Place3rd PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct08:50 amOaks - Rink 3Squirt B1st Place2nd PlaceChampionship
Sunday08-Oct09:40 amIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A21st Place4th PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct09:40 amOaks - Rink 1Pee Wee A25th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Sunday08-Oct09:40 amOaks - Rink 2Bantam A1Northern VA Ice DogsValley Forge Colonials
Sunday08-Oct09:50 amIce Line - Rink 2Bantam A22nd Place3rd PlaceSemi-Final
Sunday08-Oct10:20 amOaks - Rink 3Bantam A1Richmond GeneralsNew Jersey Devils
Sunday08-Oct11:00 amIce Line - Rink 1Bantam BSemi-Final #1 WinnerSemi-Final #2 WinnerChampionship
Sunday08-Oct11:00 amOaks - Rink 1Midget Minor AWest Chester QuakersMontgomery Blue Devils
Sunday08-Oct11:00 amOaks - Rink 2Midget Minor ARichmond GeneralsNorthern VA Ice Dogs
Sunday08-Oct11:10 amIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A15th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Sunday08-Oct11:40 amOaks - Rink 3Bantam AA3rd Place4th PlaceConsolation
Sunday08-Oct12:30 pmIce Line - Rink 1Squirt AA1st Place2nd PlaceChampionship
Sunday08-Oct12:30 pmIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A17th Place8th PlaceConsolation
Sunday08-Oct12:30 pmOaks - Rink 1Bantam A25th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Sunday08-Oct12:30 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget Major3rd Place4th PlaceConsolation
Sunday08-Oct01:00 pmOaks - Rink 3Bantam AA1st Place2nd PlaceChampionship
Sunday08-Oct01:50 pmIce Line - Rink 2Squirt A1st Place2nd PlaceChampionship
Sunday08-Oct02:00 pmIce Line - Rink 1Pee Wee BSemi-Final #1 WinnerSemi-Final #2 WinnerChampionship
Sunday08-Oct02:00 pmOaks - Rink 2Midget Major1st Place2nd PlaceChampionship
Sunday08-Oct02:30 pmOaks - Rink 3Pee Wee A2Semi-Final #1 WinnerSemi-Final #2 WinnerChampionship
Sunday08-Oct03:20 pmIce Line - Rink 2Pee Wee A1Semi-Final #1 WinnerSemi-Final #2 WinnerChampionship
Sunday08-Oct03:30 pmIce Line - Rink 1Bantam A2Semi-Final #1 WinnerSemi-Final #2 WinnerChampionship
Sunday08-Oct03:30 pmOaks - Rink 2Bantam A11st Place2nd PlaceChampionship
Sunday08-Oct04:15 pmOaks - Rink 1Midget Minor A1st Place2nd PlaceChampionship




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