MYHockey Congressional Cup


To find your game, type your year or team into the Search Box, then click on any column header to sort. (example: “rangers”). If a game from your schedule is not listed, then it is being held at a non-LiveBarn venue.

This schedule is for BROADCAST PURPOSES ONLY and is subject to change.  Please refer to the tournament schedule to plan for player and parent arrival and travel.

Saturday7-Oct7:00 AMHaymarket NorthPee Wee BFrederick FreezeSouthpointe Rink Rats
Saturday7-Oct8:20 AMHaymarket NorthPee Wee ANorth Jersey AvalancheFrederick Freeze
Saturday7-Oct9:40 AMHaymarket NorthPee Wee ARichmond GeneralsProtec Ducks
Saturday7-Oct11:00 AMHaymarket NorthPee Wee AStamford SharksPiedmont Predators
Saturday7-Oct12:20 PMHaymarket NorthPee Wee APittsburgh Arctic FoxesDelco Phantoms
Saturday7-Oct1:40 PMHaymarket NorthSquirt A2Stamford SharksRichmond Generals
Saturday7-Oct3:00 PMHaymarket NorthSquirt BRichmond GeneralsPineville Falcons
Saturday7-Oct4:20 PMHaymarket NorthSquirt BCapitals AcademyIgloo Jaguars
Saturday7-Oct5:40 PMHaymarket NorthPee Wee BSouthpointe Rink RatsIgloo Jaguars
Saturday7-Oct7:00 PMHaymarket NorthPee Wee BRichmond GeneralsStamford Sharks
Saturday7-Oct8:20 PMHaymarket NorthBantam AReston RaidersIgloo Jaguars
Saturday7-Oct9:50 PMHaymarket NorthBantam ABud Bakewell Ice HawksRichmond Generals 2
Sunday8-Oct7:00 AMHaymarket NorthSquirt B5th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Sunday8-Oct8:20 AMHaymarket NorthPee Wee A7th Place8th PlaceConsolation
Sunday8-Oct9:40 AMHaymarket NorthSquirt A2Wissahickon WarriorsAshburn Xtreme
Sunday8-Oct11:00 AMHaymarket NorthSquirt A2Tri-City EaglesStamford Sharks
Sunday8-Oct12:20 PMHaymarket NorthSquirt A2Richmond GeneralsIgloo Jaguars
Sunday8-Oct1:40 PMHaymarket NorthMidget Major ASouthpointe Rink RatsLawrence Flames
Sunday8-Oct3:00 PMHaymarket NorthBantam ARichmond Generals 2Igloo Jaguars
Sunday8-Oct4:20 PMHaymarket NorthBantam ARichmond Generals 1Bud Bakewell Ice Hawks
Sunday8-Oct5:40 PMHaymarket NorthSquirt A1New Jersey DevilsStamford Sharks
Sunday8-Oct7:00 PMHaymarket NorthPee Wee B5th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Sunday8-Oct8:20 PMHaymarket NorthMidget Major ASouthpointe Rink RatsCharlotte Rush
Sunday8-Oct9:50 PMHaymarket NorthBantam ABud Bakewell Ice HawksReston Raiders
Sunday8-Oct9:00 PMHaymarket SouthMidget Minor APiedmont PredatorsStamford Sharks
Monday9-Oct7:00 AMHaymarket NorthSquirt A25th Place6th PlaceConsolation
Monday9-Oct8:20 AMHaymarket NorthSquirt A13rd Place4th PlaceConsolation
Monday9-Oct9:40 AMHaymarket NorthMidget Minor A1at Place4th PlaceSemi-Final
Monday9-Oct11:10 AMHaymarket NorthMidget Minor A2nd Place3rd PlaceSemi-Final
Monday9-Oct12:40 PMHaymarket NorthSquirt A11st Place2nd PlaceChampionship
Monday9-Oct2:10 PMHaymarket NorthPee Wee BSemi-Final #1 WinnerSemi-Final #2 WinnerChampionship
Monday9-Oct3:40 PMHaymarket NorthMidget Minor ASemi-Final #1 WinnerSemi-Final #2 WinnerChampionship




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